Our role at Shan Shui was to craft a tangible narrative and build the brand’s image.

The objective was to offer Brand Advisory services to curate an experiential and commercially viable restaurant that suited Bicester Village’s high-end retail location.

Mandy worked closely with the owners, teasing out cultural touch points, to assert a comprehensive narrative. Work began with the development of a suitable name and logo, before constructing design assets emblematic of the story.

The Shan Shui experience is reminiscent of 1920’s Shanghai, where poise, glamour and impeccable fashion sense flourished. In its heyday, it was the place to be for its art, architecture, dance halls and glitzy restaurants. This unique atmosphere was intentionally woven into the scheme, inspiring interior design through Shanghai inspired finishes, detailing and accessories. 

This resulted in an elegant Restaurant Design, wonderfully balancing intimacy with theatricality.

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