Who we are

Tonic provides a consulting service for all aspects of the hospitality and retail industry. From menu design to new restaurant launches we have the expertise to make businesses stand out from the competition and succeed in an increasingly crowded market.  We are passionate about food, people, great customer service and good business practice. We are a highly experienced, small, yet diverse team, whose knowledge covers all aspects of the required disciplines within our field. . Based in London, Tonic operates in Europe and internationally, where we use our expertise to create customer experiences that capture the imagination.

What do we do?

We have delivered projects to a broad range of clients across the hospitality, retail and lifestyle sectors. We offer the perfect mix of strategic thinking and creative vision to deliver individual solutions for each brief. Please see our projects to get a flavour of our work.

Why choose us?

We are dynamic, tenacious, easy to work with and bring our freshest thinking to each individual challenge. We work with people we like and on projects in which we are interested.

Our attention to detail is evident in our bespoke services which deliver our clients’ requirements with clarity. We are not afraid to pursue a challenging brief, or to challenge the industries within which we work. This thorough, progressive attitude keeps us current, and our customers a step ahead of the competition.

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